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New Moon in Cancer

 Our New Moon of July 23rd rises in Cancer, and specifically Pushya Nakshatra (more on this below). The Moon rules the sign Cancer, and as such, feels very at home and at ease in this placement. And isn’t that a welcome relief after the turmoil and chaos of the past few months (months?!? has it only been months?!) Even in her darkness, this New Moon invites us to set down our sword and loosen the armour. Mars’ arrival in Cancer on July 12th has brought with it an intensity, a fire, a call to arms to fight the good fight and defend the weak, and as the Moon traverses her homeland of Cancer, she whispers to us ‘it’s safe now, you can come out’.

This feeling of emotional battle, of us and them, of me and you, ends in the white flag of a hollowed Moon and her gentle push towards healing.

Towards nourishment.

    How can you let go? How can you release? When the fight goes on and on, the memory of peace can fade – how can you reconnect to the feeling of being held? Of being secure?

As we move through this New Moon, the last before the eclipses of August, I implore you – use your tools, as many of them as you can, to release stored anger and grief so that you may rise into this portal and receive her cosmic blessings.

Vedic Astrology, ever seeking the finest of details in the movement of the heavens, tracks not only the Zodiac sign the Moon falls in, but the Nakshatra or Lunar Mansion as well. These 27 Lunar mansions are smaller constellations housed within the 12 signs of the Zodiac and are the gems in the crown of the Sky.

This New Moon occurs in Pushya Nakshaktra, a constellation associated with healing and divine nourishment. Her imagery is that of a Cow feeding from her udder, symbolizing the life-giving properties of spiritual nourishment and cosmic guidance. The shakti of Pushya is the gift of emotional health through self-compassion – the ability to give yourself a break and love all pieces, all forms, all incarnations. To forgive yourself for the ways you may (do) fall down and recognize the unbelievable courage it takes to pick yourself up again. And again. And again. I know the energy of the last week has been unrelenting, and painful and at times, for some crushing, but together we look to the horizon. We begin again.

Take time under this Moon to stop. Stare up at the sky, alive with silvery reflections of perfections visible only when the Moon goes dark and recognize that within you, sometimes the ability to witness your own divine perfection is only when the lights go out.

with so much love,


"We are all just walking each other home." —Ram Dass

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