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What’s your WHY?

What’s your why?

I keep ruminating on this lately, my why, yours, our collective why. I suppose it’s borne out of a fear and even slight paralysis in sharing, given our current combative culture, which it would seem at times, is waiting with baited breath to attack us, tear us down, correct us, shame us, silence us.

So I keep coming back to my Why. Why I started doing this work – both for myself and then the choice to share it with others, why I keep doing it, why I feel it’s important.

I think there is something really potent here, for each of us, in the contemplation of our why, why we are saying what we’re saying, doing what we’re doing, why we post on social media, what we post, who we post for. It all comes down to our WHY.

For me, my why is that I want to ease suffering.

Notice, I didn’t say cure, I didn’t say fix, I didn’t say remove.

Ease. That’s my why.



I just want to help, and these practices and tools I have picked up along the way add to that desire and amplify my why. I think it can be so so easy to get wrapped up in the illusion (maya)  of the internet, the game of likes, followers, views and the looming sense of ‘arrival’ that everyone seems to be chasing. Being ‘on brand’, carefully curated, politically correct, and even the current culture of ‘recreational outrage’ can be just another way of policing ourselves and conforming to yet another mode of being imposed upon us by the allure of belonging.

And so I come back to my why, and then I let this inquiry bleed out into other areas of my life. Relationships, saying yes, saying no, being honest, being kind, taking risks – I always come back to my WHY. And if I can find a sturdy thread back to easing suffering, I take a deep, grounding breath and move forward.

What’s your WHY? It can be a word, a sentiment, a statement, but I would really love to know. Share in the comments and inspire others with your why.




"We are all just walking each other home." —Ram Dass

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