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Lunar Eclipse//Super Moon//BloodMoon

She is almost here…

Much ado about our upcoming Lunar Eclipse, Super Moon, Blood Moon in the sign of Cancer {Vedic} and specifically Aslesha nakshatra (Lunar Mansion). What to do with the potent energy of this intense and transformative portal?

This Lunar Eclipse comes to us in the constellation of the Coiled Serpent and represents secrets, illusions, poison and toxicity of the soul. As we venture into this abyss, one initiated by the Solar Eclipse of last August, we are being asked to finally excise that which would serve to kill us.

Toxic Relationships

Toxic Thoughts

Toxic Habits

Toxic Actions

This once in a lifetime threshold (once every 150 years to be precise) begs us to cross her with integrity and the fearless abandon that can only be achieved when you have nothing left to lose.

She demands of us to pick our poison(s) and offer them to the void.

This is a culmination of all your efforts over the last 6 months, the intention with which you entered this Eclipse cycle now ripens and pleads to be picked.

She reveals to us the ways in which we have grown and the secret venom we still harbour –

for others

for ourselves

So enter into this righteous liminal space with reverence

You now reap what you have sown.

"We are all just walking each other home." —Ram Dass

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