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May New Moon

May’s New Moon comes to us in the constellation of Bharani – a collection of stars devoted to Death and Rebirth. It’s energy is not unlike that of a New Moon, letting go to invite in, and as we draft off of the Beltane celebrations, this New Moon asks us to fully let go of what is behind us, almost in a New Year’s-esque sentiment, and decide what comes next. And yes, I do mean decide.

Bharani is a threshold that must be crossed with the clearest of intentions – what will I willfully sacrifice in order to create the life I am dreaming of? This New Moon asks us, what are we attached to that, though we may not want to, we must let go of to make space for MORE. That’s the thing about sacrifice – when done correctly, it is usually a little painful, difficult and leaves us with an empty vessel that begs to be filled immediately. As humans, emptiness, sacrifice and letting things be open before full is extremely challenging and in that, be gentle with yourself as you move through. I invite you to choose something in your life that has taken up too much space, that has distracted you from your dharma, your personal glory. Search your life for the things that have taken an addiction-like hold, and then offer them up. Resolve to replace them with that which positions you towards joy, love and personal fulfilment.


New Moon Ritual

Grab a meditation cushion, pillow or blanket, a candle and a journal and pen. Find a quiet space to sit, preferably in a darkened space, place the candle in 2 feet in front of you and light it. Sit comfortably in front of the candle, fixing your gaze on the flame. Try to keep your eyes open for as long as possible – 30 seconds or longer is best. Your eyes will naturally 

start to tear and water will stream down your cheeks. We use this technique called Trataka in Ayurveda as a way to purify the eyes, cleansing them of desire, contempt and heated emotions like rage. Knowing that the eyes are a digestive organ, constantly taking in and metabolizing the things you see in every moment, consider this a small yet effective cleanse.

Once you have sat for a minimum of 5 minutes, alternating between periods of staring and closing the eyes to give them rest, turn to your journal and write down what you are choosing to sacrifice. Be very specific, and list more than one thing if desired but no more than 3.

Once complete, take your list to your burning space (outside burner, or kitchen sink, but please be fire smart!) and light it on fire. Watch the flames in the same way you watched the candle. Keep the eyes open and let them tear as the fire of your sacrifice burns. Once the whole of your paper is burned, know that the ritual is complete and that you can move forward and upward.


Blessings to you and yours!!



"We are all just walking each other home." —Ram Dass

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