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Wow! So much can change in such a small amount of time.

If you have been following me on social media over the last year, you know that my husband and I welcomed our son Remy Wild on February 12th – a long awaited miracle that we are relishing in every moment.

I have sooooo much to say about this entire experience, and that I will unravel here – our struggles with infertility, conscious conception, conscious pregnancy, our birth story and now – Motherhood. Please watch this space, as I will be devoting my energy to this blog in the hopes that it can become a resource on all of the above.


As you can imagine, life is pretty busy with a nearly 3 month old, and as I have decided to take a full 1 year Maternity leave, I am not currently taking clients in an Ayurvedic or Vedic Astrology capacity. But fret not! My goal for this space is to create video content and written updates so that you can feel fully supported and even inspired! Think recipes, how-tos, Lunar and planetary updates, Day in the Life and more. This is my way of staying connected to each of you and keeping my own creative fire going.

So – in the spirit of creative collaboration – what would you like to see here? What would be inspiring, helpful, uplifting and fun for you to see in this space – the sky is (isn’t!) the limit!


And thank you thank you thank you to each of you who have reached out with kind words for us and Remy, the internet really can be a place of community and love and I feel that now more than ever, as I am initiated into the coolest club I’ve ever been in:



xo, dani

"We are all just walking each other home." —Ram Dass

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