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2021 – A time to Double Down

2021 – A time to Double Down


There is so much to say about the last year, the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs we have all faced, the challenges and triumphs we have all experienced. Though our paths have been varied, what we can all converge on is the agreement that we are changed — that 2020 was the year that unveiled to us to the parts of ourselves, our world, the spirit realm that we had been asleep too. It revealed an opportunity to wake up to our dharma, to be enlivened by it, and/or for some, to be forced to take the painful path of starting over (or what can feel like starting over).

In Jyotish or Vedic Astrology, we have been anticipating 2020 for many years now — many of my Teachers and their Teachers have been forecasting this transformational and ultimately pivotal year since 2010 and for some, much much longer ago than that. And this is what the science was distilled by the Rishis and Sages to do — to help us navigate the Karmic waters of our lifetimes so that we may approach obstacles and opportunities with a sense of grace, preparedness and non-attachment. It was meant to build in us a sense of inner resiliency and trust, that in knowing what may come to pass — it will in fact, pass.

2021 is set to be transformational in a different way than 2020. Think of it this way — if 2020 reoriented our path, 2021 is the year we learn to walk that path. Where we embody the changes that have taken place.

In council with my teachers, of which are Kaya Mindlin and Michael Manzella, Joni Patry, Rachelle Garcia Seliga, Yolande Norris Clarke and my Elder and Teacher Donna Maria Camps, the message, regardless of the Source or Lineage remains clear – 2021 is the time to Double Down.

Do the Work.

Do Your Work.

This isn’t a time to pull back, to take a break, or to go silent. Particularly if you are doing healing and/or spiritual work (aren’t we all?) This is a time to bolster your efforts. To show up in spite of your own fatigue or weary worn worries. The world *needs* you to become emboldened and brave, the world *needs* you to offer yourself in service, the world *needs* your open and tender heart.

In light of the draconian, if not predictable and years old terms and conditions of Instagram and its parent company Facebook rolling out in late December, I made a choice to take a break and reevaluate what being present on those platforms means for me, in terms of connection, service and business. I am under no illusions that these platforms have been doing what they are now admitting to, for many years. My concern, which may be obvious to some, is that when these companies so flagrantly wave in our faces the ways that they are invading our lives, our privacy, our psyche for “our own good” I can’t help but be filled with a sense of outrage and rebellion that comes all to easily to my Aries Moon heart. And without going through each and every violation, it is worth noting that for those of you who rebuke these violations with the cavalier “I’m not doing anything wrong, let them watch/surveil/track me” – I implore you to consider, what does this mean for our children? What will it mean for us personally? What will it mean if/when they move the goalposts on what is considered “wrong”?

For me, I have always had a somewhat challenging and contentious relationship with Social Media. While I do enjoy it for inspiration, to quote my dear friend and sister Cate Havstad (who wrote an incredible piece on exactly all of this, which can be found here) these platforms are starting to feel like a ‘Cheap Mall’ and I can’t help but agree. And I do not want to contribute to a growing climate of more more more and quality that is less less less.

As Tristan Harris of “The Social Dilemma” calls it, we are in an attention Economy, and as such, are participating in the notion of ‘If you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product’.

Being anything other than a Sovereign, inspired, flawed, multifaceted, impassioned, growing, learning, wisening Human Being, doesn’t interest me.

So, for me, what that means, in a real world, tactical sense is as follows:

I do not keep any Social Media apps on my phone — this keeps (I hope!) My privacy and sovereignty intact and keeps me from falling into the Attention Traps that these platforms are designed to be.

I keep all Social Media on a separate device that I use solely for these apps, which I turn on to post and then turn off. This means, no mindless scrolling. It also means I will be on these apps less and interacting less, though I will always be available through email and my blog. To stay connected to what I am up to, new and upcoming offerings, astrological updates and more, please join my email list as that will always be updated first before these platforms. – you can do that here.

It also means I am re-upping my commitment to each of you to show up in my Dharma, as that unfolds in the days, weeks, months and years to come and to Double Down on my promise to be of Service in this lifetime. I have some offerings and space holding opportunities, as well as creative endeavours coming out in the next few months that I pray will create healing, joy and purpose in those I have the privilege to serve.

And it means that my reverence and devotion to Goddess is to be fortified. In times of challenge, we turn to faith as a way to weather the storm, and I turn to her again and again. Not just at my altar during morning prayers, but when I hear her in the wind, feel her in the trees, and see her in my Son’s eyes. Her Love is all around us and asks only to be witnessed in order to be received.

If you have been in darkness, know that She is there. 

If you have made it this far, I am sending you gratitude and love, I appreciate you and your energy. I know its a Wild World out there, but —

We were made for these times.

Deep Blessings and Much Love


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